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Does mobile data devour a quarter of South Africans’ income?

24 October 2016  |  AfricaCheck

Agitating that #DataMustFall, some have claimed that South Africans spend close to a quarter of their income on data. But surveys from South Africa’s national statistics agency and the University of Cape Town tell a different story. Read more...


Treasury aims to extend tax incentives

27 September 2016  |  BD Live

The Treasury has proposed a two-year extension of the employment tax incentive and a five-year extension of the learnership tax incentive, both of which, it says, have yielded positive results. Read more...



J-PAL Africa Project Incubation Fund – 2017 round

J-PAL Africa, located in SALDRU in the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town, has a pool of funds to support researchers to carry out exploratory research work on policy relevant questions related to South Africa. This work should lead to the development of a full research proposal for a randomised evaluation of programmes or interventions that assist in answering the research question. View the full advert.
Application deadline is 20 January 2017.


Seminar Series

Seminar, 18 January: Prices versus social nudges for motivating energy conservation

This Wednesday's seminar will be presented by Assistant Professor Laura Grant. Laura Grant is an Assistant Professor at Claremont McKenna College where she teaches Intermediate Microeconomics and Public Economics. 

Abstract: Behavioral economics advocates using non-price mechanisms, like behavioral nudges. Yet these mechanisms act jointly with pricing, when both are in place. Incentivizing and measuring responses requires understanding of interactions between price and non-price effects. Recent papers explore the effectiveness of social comparisons that are layered onto pricing, documenting reductions in energy and water use, but have limited ability to identify the mechanisms separately. Are the effects attributable to prices, behavioral interventions, or both? In this unique quasi-experiment with monthly panel data, consumers are initially charged a marginal rate for electricity use.  Read more.

Working Papers

Aiming for a moving target: The dynamics of household electricity access in a developing context
Tom Harris, Mark Collinson and Martin Wittenberg

Drivers of Inequality in South Africa
Janina Hundenborn, Ingrid Woolard and Murray Leibbrandt

In-Work Poverty in South Africa: The Impact of Income Sharing in the Presence of High Unemployment
Kezia Lilenstein, Ingrid Woolard and Murray Leibbrandt

Start-Up Capital and Women’s Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Swaziland
Zuzana Brixiová and Thierry Kangoye

Determinants of civil war and excess zeroes
John Paul Dunne and Nan Tian

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