Administrative Team

The administrative team is made up of six individuals who are fundamental to the management of the unit.


Affiliates include individuals who are employed outside of the UCT School of Economics and who are actively working with SALDRU Researchers or Associates. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the Director and Deputy Director, as well as representatives for each of the unit’s member groups, including researchers, major projects running within the unit, contract staff and the administrative team.

Graduate Associates

Graduate associates are PhD students who are supervised by SALDRU Researchers or Associates, and are researching topics that fall broadly within SALDRU’s research themes. 

Honorary Research Associates

SALDRU has two Honorary Research Associates who are not employed in the School of Economics but who are actively working with SALDRU Researchers or Associates.


Researchers are full- or part-time staff members of SALDRU. As of the end of 2014, the team included the Director, Deputy Director, a Chief Research Officer, two Post-Doctoral Fellows and two Research Fellows.

UCT School of Economics Associates

SALDRU Associates are full-time employees of the UCT School of Economics whose research falls within SALDRU's research themes and for whom SALDRU is their research home. Associates run research projects through SALDRU and produce regular SALDRU working papers.

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