Dates: 2008 - ongoing

Funding: The Presidency

SALDRU people: Ingrid Woolard, Murray Leibbrandt, Cecil Mlatsheni and Nicola Branson


The National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS) is the first national household panel study in South Africa. NIDS falls under the umbrella of the Southern African Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) at the University of Cape Town's School of Economics.  NIDS small

In 2006, the South African Presidency embarked on an intensive multi-million rand effort to track - and understand - the shifting face of poverty by closely following more than 30 000 people, young and old, rich and poor, over a period of years. In 2008, about 300 fieldworkers fanned out across the country to complete a detailed set of questionnaires with 8 000 households. A key feature of the panel study is its ability to follow people as they move out of the original 8 000 households, whether they're migrant workers, young married couples or students. The survey will also reveal important information about issues like internal migration, birth and death, savings, health, education and spending patterns. 

By late 2015 the fourth wave of data had been collected and was publically released mid 2016. Data from all 4 waves are available on DataFirst. SALDRU won the bid to implement Wave 5 in early 2016. Data collection will take place during 2017 with publication of a complete Wave 1 to Wave 5 dataset scheduled for mid 2018.


 For more information please visit the NIDS website.

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