Dates: 2017 - 2020

Funding: The Kresge Foundation

SALDRU people:



The Kresge Foundation is funding Siyaphumelela, an initiative in five South African universities that aims to use data and interventions to improve success within the university system. As has been recognised within Achieving the Dream in the US, understanding the broader context on access to universities and the return to society from those who graduate is a crucial complement to improving success within the system. Our project Siyaphambili, meaning ‘we are moving forward’, plans to build on the Siyaphumelela Initiative by growing the base of empirical research, communicating these findings and providing training in the use of data for research, planning and general awareness.



The project will build a hub for post-schooling information and research in South Africa:

  1. By producing policy relevant empirical research on access and success in the post-schooling sector.
  2. By communicating the findings of the research on the post-schooling sector in a form that is relevant and easily accessible to multiple audiences.
  3. By providing training to promote research in and awareness of SA’s post-schooling sector.






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